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About us

Where We Come From


For over twenty years we have been studying through neurology and biomechanics the importance of the foot in the generation of musculature and joint problems, such as contractures, fatigue and back pain. Peterlegwood is a brand that encompasses all our experience in the field of wellness.

aequos System


The results obtained through our aequos system applied to slippers encourage us to constantly improve our products. Products that are worn and used both by people with disabilities and by professional athletes. This system improves balance and keeps the joints in axis, extending their life.

Our mission

Balance and

A better balance and a better distribution of joint movement are the perfect formula for an effective solution to back pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue. The longer you wear our solutions, the longer your well-being will last.
Thanks to the success of our postural slippers we will continue to improve the Aequos system with the aim of bringing it on any type of footwear.



The goal is to continue the innovation project, combining our solutions for back pain, joint pain and muscle fatigue to footwear, to rediscover the pleasure of walking and running in a healthy way. Because if it is true that it took twenty years to create this product, it is also true that we are just at the beginning, and we look forward to walking in comfort together with you and see where this project will take us!