Free shipping in Italy

Payment Methods

payment can be made through:

Cash on delivery

in case of cash on delivery payment the customer will pay the amount due directly to the courier upon receipt of the package. The courier does not accept cheques and the amount to be paid must therefore be paid in cash; the additional cost for this method of payment is € 5.50


One of the most popular methods of online shopping on the internet. Users who already have a PayPal account can make the payment through the login, the user who does not have a PayPal account can instead pay by credit card.

in case of payment by Paypal CBP will address the “End of Order” on the page “Payments by Paypal”. All that remains for the customer to do is to enter the personal email and password already registered and proceed with the payment. The customer also has the possibility to pay by credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) and to use the PayPal software without necessarily having to have an account with the same.

NB. Additional standard rate due to Paypal (equal to 3.4% of the total) to enable this type of payment and offer an even more secure service to the customer.

Bonifico Bancario anticipato

By choosing this type of payment, after confirming your order, you will be sent an email with the bank details to make the transfer. At the time of crediting the account (the period can vary from 1 to 3 working days depending on the banks and from the time the transfer is processed by them) the order will be processed. In order to anticipate the shipping time, it is possible to send a copy of the payment receipt by bank transfer via email to

N.B.: If the person making the transfer is a person other than the name in the order, please specify the name of the sender in the notes to facilitate the traceability of the payment related to the order! Thank you for your kind cooperation.

to our support bank; bank data:
Banco Desio Veneto Spa – AG.Treviso
IBAN EN 77 V 03440 12000 000 000 153600
Beneficiary: N.C.S. srl

N.B: Not all methods shown here will always be active.

Conclusion of contract

The contract after its conclusion will be filed in electronic form and its data will be accessible by PLW’s personnel in charge of its execution or by any third parties appointed to execute it. Therefore, by sending the order, the Customer authorizes PLW to use the data contained therein for the conclusion and execution of the supply of the Products.

In case of unavailability of the Products, PLW shall inform the Customer as soon as possible and reimburse him/her for any amounts already paid for the unexecuted supply without any right on the part of the Customer to any compensation or damages.