Free shipping in Italy


The order will be processed within a maximum of seven days from its acceptance, if there are problems with the shipment, the customer will be contacted directly by one of our employees.

Shipping is free throughout Italy, while abroad it costs € 10.00.

No shipment will be made until the amount has been duly credited (except in the case of cash on delivery), with specific retention of title by the seller until payment in full.

The delivery terms are indicative and are calculated in working days; therefore, any liability of PLW for all damages resulting from early or late delivery, in whole or in part, is excluded.

If, for reasons not attributable to PLW, the Customer or the carrier designated by the Customer fails to take delivery of the products, PLW may, after notifying the Customer, store them and charge the Customer for any costs incurred.

The average delivery time is approximately 3-7 working days (Monday to Friday, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

Some items and for some regions (Calabria, Sicily and Sardinia) delivery times may be longer.

When the courier will make the delivery the Customer must verify:

  • that the package is intact, not damaged or wet and in any case complies with the standard characteristics of a package,
  • that the custom tape is intact and not tampered with,
  • that the number of parcels indicated on the consignment note corresponds to the number of parcels actually delivered. Any objections must be immediately raised with the carrier, failing which the product is deemed to have been delivered correctly. If the parcel is damaged or tampered with upon receipt of the goods, it is necessary:
  • express a reservation: the package is accepted but before signing the document the customer must write “I accept with right of reservation because the package has the following anomaly …. (describe the damage observed on the package)”. It will thus be possible, once opened the package and found any damage, to be compensated for the damage suffered;
  • express to the carrier the unacceptability of the parcel for tampering: refuse the parcel for tampered package.

If the customer does not perform these operations PLW considers the parcel to be properly delivered.